9/19 Lunch Menu Change

Please be advised of the following Lunch Menu switch.  Both the elementary and high school will be serving Friday’s choices on Wednesday, and Wednesday’s choices on Friday.

Wednesday Elementary                                          Wednesday High School
Chicken Patty on Bun                                                      Pepperoni and Cheese Flatbread
Cheesy Pizza                                                                      Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Corn, Baby Carrots                                                          Corn, Lettuce, Tomato

Friday Elementary                                                          Friday High School
Macaroni and Cheese w/ Dinner Roll                              Macaroni and Cheese w/ Dinner Roll
Taco Salad w/ Tortilla Chips                                              Beef and Cheese Burrito

Green Beans and Cherry Tomatoes                                 Green Beans and Coleslaw

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