Chromebook Insurance Information

Chromebook insurance is once again being offered to Shenango parents and students.  Two options are available:
Accidental damage covers damage due to drops, spills, natural disasters, power surges, and other accidents.
Full coverage provides all the coverage above plus covers loss or theft.

The cost for an accidental damage policy for the year is $15.  Full coverage is $25.  Insurance is provided through the Worth Group and can be purchased by enrolling via the portal at the link below or by sending the correct amount with your child to the school office.  Be sure the envelope is marked with their name and student ID number.

Please note that the policy is null and void if damage occurs when the chromebook is not in its protective case.

For comparison, the cost this year for repairs and replacements is as follows:
Replacement power supply: $20
Cracked screen – $75
Chassis/keyboard/shell damage – $100
Replacement device – market price (currently approximately $270)

The link to the insurance portal is:
The window to purchase insurance closes on September 24th.  Please do not miss out!

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