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Welcome to the Shenango Area School District Special Services Department site. Here at Shenango Area School District, we are dedicated to providing each individual student a superior education.  The Special Services Department provides a variety of support services to Shenango students including Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) (IDEA, Chapter 14), 504 Service Agreements (IDEA, Chapter 15) and Gifted Education (Chapter 16). 

Special education and general education faculty and staff members work closely together to foster learning environments that support students in their work toward attaining Shenango standards. To the greatest extent possible, students participate in the general education curriculum with supports, services, and instruction designed to allow them to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and abilities in a variety of ways.  All individual student needs are identified and programs planned through a comprehensive evaluation process. Parents are valued partners in the evaluation and program development process. The Shenango Area School District believes that ongoing communication and collaboration between home and school are essential in developing shared expectations for students. Encouragement from both home and school is essential to helping students put forth the necessary effort to achieve their personal best.

This site will provide you with further information on supportive services and programs within Shenango as well as other helpful resources.  If you have any questions or would like to hear more information, please contact the department.  

Dr. James Janacone


Contact Information 

Special Services Coordinator:
James Janacone
e-mail: jjanacone@shenangoschools.org

School Psychologist:
Erika Lunn
e-mail: elunn@shenangoschools.org

Special Services Secretary:
Paula Szklinski
e-mail: pszklinski@shenangoschools.org

Shenango Area School District
2501 Old Pittsburgh Road
New Castle, PA 16101

Phone# 724-658-7287, ext. 6
Fax# 724-658-5370

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