Concussion Management

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Concussions are traumatic brain injuries. Returning to the full demands of school too soon following concussion can significantly increase and prolong symptoms. This period of recovery should be appropriately planned for and supported by school personnel until the concussion has resolved. Most concussions resolve within the first month, but many linger several months or longer. 

The Shenango Area School District has a Concussion Management Team in each building that works with students, families, doctors, and educators to ensure that students receive what they need academically while they are recovering from a concussion.  They work together to develop an educational plan that may include interventions and implementation processes to support school re-entry and return to academics.  This team includes the Special Services Coordinator, the school counselors, and school nurses.  Please contact any of these individuals with questions or concerns.

Click here to access a flyer on symptoms and signs of traumatic brain injury.


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