Gifted Programs


Gifted Programming
Gifted Programming

The Shenango Area School District complies with the standards and regulations set forth in Chapter 16 of the PA School Code for identified gifted students by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Gifted support services are provided to mentally gifted students that are consistent with their individual needs, outstanding abilities, and potential for performing at high levels of achievement.

The process of determining eligibility begins with a collection of screen information from a variety of sources, such as scores of cognitive abilities and achievement tests, grades, and teacher ratings. When multiple criteria indicate that the student may need instruction beyond the regular education curricula, both an individual test of intelligence and achievement test are administered and information from parents is requested. Parental permission is obtained prior to collecting the initial data and before any assessments are administered. When a student meets the criteria, a Gifted Individualized Education Program (GIEP) is developed and Notice of Recommended Assignment (NORA) is presented for parental approval of the program and placement.

Procedural Safeguards
Please click here to access a copy of Chapter 16 Procedural Safeguards.

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