Remote Instruction Begins Today

All Shenango students in the district will begin remote learning on Thursday, November 5, 2020. We will continue to learn remotely until Lawrence County has two consecutive weeks of either Moderate or Low transmission rates of COVID-19.  As of today, Lawrence County is currently in the second week of Significant transmission levels.  Below is a summary of the information shared with parents via ParenSquare this past week.

Shenango High School

Class/Bell Schedule:  Students will continue on the same “modified-block” schedule we have been using since the first day of school this year.  They have periods 1 – 4 one day and then periods 5 – 8 the following day.  Each class period lasts 76 minutes, with the first period of the day being slightly longer for attendance and announcements.  During Full Remote learning, their school day will continue to run from 9:00 am to 2:52 pm.  Because some “lab” classes only meet on A days or B days, it ends up being a four-day rotation for students.

Day 1 = A Days, Periods 1-4
Day 2 = A Days, Periods 5-8
Day 3 = B Days, Periods 1-4
Day 4 = B Days, Periods 5-8

There is one adjustment to student schedules while we are Full Remote.  All students and faculty will follow the “B” lunch schedule.  This will simplify the HS schedule with no split class periods around lunch and help minimize potential conflicts with lunch distribution and class times.  This will also keep students and faculty on the same daily schedule.  This Thursday, November 5th, is a “Day 4” in the rotation so students will begin with 5th period online at 9:00 am.  Here is the Bell Schedule during Full Remote learning (replicates the existing “B” Lunch schedule):

9:00 – 10:20    Period 1 or 5
10:24 – 11:40    Period 2 or 6
11:40 – 12:12     Lunch
12:16 – 1:32      Period 3 or 7
1:36 – 2:52      Period 4 or 8

Schedule Expectations:  As we have stressed in previous communications, students are required to attend school daily following their class schedule, logging into each class at the designated time.  That means students should be logged into and accessing classes and classwork from 9:00 to 2:52 each school day.  Google Classrooms will remain at the center of instructional delivery and communication during Full Remote Learning.  Students should begin each class period by accessing the specific Google Classroom they are attending that period.  It will look a little different for each teacher and each day.  Many classes will have students logging into live Virtual Sessions.  Some classes will have pre-recorded lessons and information available.  Some classes may just have assignments and work that are continuations from the prior day and available in Google Classrooms.  Teachers and students will have daily live interactions, although many may not last for entire class periods depending on the lesson/assignments.  If students fail to attend class on their normal schedule without a valid excuse they will lose credit/points for those assignments.

Attendance:  Remote-Learner daily attendance will no longer be submitted on a Google Form.  All students will now have daily attendance taken during 1st or 5th period (depending on the school day rotation) by their classroom teacher.  Every school day, at 9:00 am, the students’ first/fifth period teacher will take attendance in either a virtual session or through a form to be submitted.  If a student has a study hall during first/fifth period, they will need to check in briefly at 9:00 am with the teacher but will not need to stay logged into a study hall for the duration of the period.  Teachers have to submit their daily attendance to the office by 9:15 am, so to be marked “present” for the school day students must be in class at 9:00 am daily.   Parents will need to let the Office Staff know of any illness-related absences, doctor’s appointments, or other earlier dismissals by email ( or phone (724.658.5537).  Teachers will continue to take attendance by each class period as well for student accountability and participation tracking.

Shenango Elementary School

We cannot stress enough that we want Remote Learning in November 2020 to be a significant improvement and a drastically different learning experience than Remote Learning from March 2020.  Here are a few major differences between last spring and the upcoming weeks:
  1. Instructional Product – We believe that an asynchronous product blended with live teacher and student interaction is a very effective way to teach students at the elementary level.  We also understand the importance of teachers having daily personal interaction with your children.  To go along with teacher produced videos, materials and other resources, we will be using Google Meet to answer questions, differentiate and provide small group instruction, as well as 2nd chance learning opportunities to students.
  2. Accountability – Students are accountable for attending/completing work daily and grades count! Grades earned during Remote Learning will affect final course grades and grade-level promotion. It is expected that assignments and work are to be completed and turned in at the time they are due, as spelled out by each teacher.
  3. Chromebook Availability – We were able to receive, assign and distribute a Chromebook to each student in elementary school.  We are very pleased to have met the goal to be 1-1, especially during these times.
  4. School Building is Open (Instruction is Remote) – In the spring we were required to “close” the school building to employees and all non-essential services.  However, all staff and services will continue to operate during Remote Learning at this time.
Grade Level and Student Expectations:  Google Classroom will remain at the center of instructional delivery. This along with Parent Square, will remain the primary forms of communication between teachers and students during Full Remote Learning.  The teachers will be sharing specific expectations about their learning model for students very soon if they haven’t already.  If you have any questions regarding these expectations, please don’t hesitate to contact them.
Attendance:  Remote-Learner daily attendance will no longer be submitted on a Google Form.  All student attendance will now be taken by homeroom teachers during the day based on student participation/work completion.  Teachers will mark students as “present” throughout the day based on a student’s participation and by the completion of work. If a student does not participate and doesn’t complete their assigned work, they will be marked as absent for the day. Parents are to notify the elementary office if their child is absent and provide a written excuse using Parent Square or by contacting the office at (724) 658-5566 for assistance.
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