Shenango Elementary School


Mr. Adam Vincent – Grade K-4 Principal

Mr. Derek Sumner – Grade 5-6 Principal

Shenango Elementary School
2501 Old Pittsburgh Road
New Castle PA, 16101
Phone: 724-658-5566
Fax: 724-658-7871

Shenango Elementary School offers an extremely successful program of studies aimed to build and strengthen the foundation of skills for all students as they progress from grade level to grade level.  Throughout the school year students are provided with challenging academic work, rich opportunities in the arts, a focus on wellness, and a wide variety of special events at the classroom, grade, and school-wide levels.

Our primary clubs and activities consist of the Wellness Committee and events, 5th and 6th grade Choir, Auditioned Choir (…which is looking for a fun and exciting name change for the future.), 5th and 6th grade band, and Jazz Band.  We also have a very active Shenango Athletic Association, SAA, and a PTO that supports the school and its students in a plethora of ways.

Students at Shenango Elementary School enjoy a safe, student-centered learning environment that encourages student growth and achievement.  Walking through the hallways of the elementary school, a sense of student accomplishment permeates the building as student work is proudly displayed.  Inside the classrooms, students are actively engaged in creative lessons that spark the interests of young minds and open the door for future learning.  Please click the following for more information on our School Performance Profile.

During the summer months, students are able to participate in the annual Summer School Academy.  The popular academy is designed to offer enrichment classes in subjects ranging from the arts to reading, math, and science.  Courses are designed to immerse students in learning through hands-on activities, technology, guest speakers, community partnerships, and potential field trips.

We believe that with our high expectations, skilled staff and partnership with the parents and community, Shenango Elementary School is an outstanding place to learn and grow!

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