Staff Directory

Below is a listing of the Jr/Sr High School Faculty and Staff.  All personnel can be reached by either calling the High School Office at 724-658-5537 or by email.  Email addresses are in the following format: First Initial Last Name  (i.e.

Teacher lesson plans are available on ParentSquare.  If you do not have a ParentSquare account, send an email to to request one.  Please include your name and the name of your students.

Building Administration
Todd Anthony, Principal 9-12
Derek Sumner, Principal 5-8

Administrative Assistants
Kim Conaway
Rita Ludovici
Gail Matteo
Nicole Lipinski

Pupil Personnel Services
Jan Budai, Athletic Director
John Dado, Transportation Coordinator
Julie Hudak, School Nurse
Julia Cavalier, Senior High School Counselor
Deanna Othites, Junior High School Counselor
Melissa Scott, Information Specialist/Librarian
Dave Tyler, Security

English Department
Meredith Allen
Sarah Barron
Heather Butchy
Katie Catanese
Rachel Guy
Ryan Mayo
Heather McKissick

Math Department
Rebecca Crawford
Amy Delaney
Ken Dess
Kirisa Gennock
Gary Lyons
Bob McQuiston
Scott Sauders

Science Department
Nick Bender
Don Drozynski
Nathan Flood
Rachel Miller
Katie Sherry
Chris Vecenie

Social Studies Department
Brian Cooper
Nicole Pater
Kaitlyn Schuster
Allisyn Shields

Health and Technology
Lisa Hall
Joe Merlino
Michelle West

Enrichment Department
Doug Butchy
Samantha Leali
Matt Mularski
Jason Naelitz

Special Education Department
Jeff Allay
Vicki Carbone (LS)
Sue Goswick (Gifted and ESL)
Ashley Hudson (Speech)
Lorie Pezzano (ES)
Kim Rudesill (LS)

Instructional Aides
Erin Bintrim
Debra Bupp
Tyra Daugherty
Michelle Myers
Suzanne Stewart

Additional Staff
Jackie Lash, ISS Monitor, Cyber Teacher

*    On Leave

*** Long-term Substitute

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