Shenango High Staff Go Meatball Crazy for Special Olympics

A few Shenango High School Teachers had a meatball eating contest today to help benefit Special Olympics. Mrs. Pater, Mr. Sumner, Mrs. Pater, Mr. Johncour, Officer Tyler, Mr. Merlino, Mr. Flood, Mr. Naelitz, Mr. Bender, and Mr. McQuiston all competed during all 3 lunches today to see who could eat the most meatballs.

During B lunch Mr. Merlino and Mr. Tyler ate to an impressive 62 meatball tie, only to be eclipsed by Mr. Naelitz during C lunch who won the competition by eating 63 meatballs. 401 Meatballs

The 2nd part of the competition involved who raised the most money for Special Olympics. Mrs. Pater won that contest by raising an impressive $350. $1180 was raised overall.

All of the losers were treated to a balloon ice-water bath outside after school. Thanks to all the contestants for being good sports.

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