Shenango Peer Leaders Continue To Make Wishes Come True

By Chaslin Hoover and Isabella Cionni

Peer leader group picture Peer Leadership advisors

On Saturday, February 24th, Peer Leadership is giving back to the community by putting on another Make-A-Wish benefit program. This year’s program is Shenango Night Live presents Make-A-Wish.

The Make-A-Wish honorary for the 2018 program is Caitlyn Hickman, a 14-year- old from New Wilmington. Caitlyn has down syndrome and had open heart surgery. She had her wish of getting a hot tub granted this year by the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

“The program is a mix between a talk show and a variety show,” Peer Leadership advisor Mrs. Rudesill. The acts range from students singing, dancing, and playing guitar to group acts, such as the baseball team performing a dance. There are even a few surprises throughout the show to look forward to.

The Peer Leaders began their preparation in September by brainstorming ideas for the show’s theme. “Getting all of the Peer Leaders together in a meeting and getting stuff done is tough since we are all involved in other activities too,” noted Peer Leadership President Kaylee Montanari.  There is a lot of behind-the-scenes work, such as setting up the show, getting sponsors, selling tickets, and contacting the Make-A-Wish organization representative.

The Peer Leaders not only plan and facilitate the production, they also gather to decorate the school lobby. When asked how long it took to complete the decorations, Kaylee mentioned, “A lot of people did outside work, but actually coming to the school and putting it all together it took about three to four hours.”  

To anyone planning on attending, you will not regret it. “An event like this just restores my hope and humanity,” Kaylee noted,  “It makes you happy and it feels great.”

Mrs. Rudesill agrees.   “I think it [Make-A-Wish] is a great experience for the Peer Leaders themselves, to see what a positive impact they can make.”

The community definitely needs to come out and show support for this spectacular event. The program is even offering many community prizes this year, including a flat screen TV, to Firesticks, an Echo, a Yeti cup, and a few gift cards as well. Peer Leadership knows how much the Shenango community stands behind their efforts and desires to show that appreciation.

Clear your calendar and be at Shenango High School Saturday night for Shenango Night Live presents Make-a-Wish!  You will definitely not be disappointed!

Peer Leaders posing by sign

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